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About FMS

FMS is a Web App that helps complete various types of applications, including the majority of commonly used online forms.

Problems that FMS resolves

Nowadays, every Canadian resident or citizen has to fill tons of forms every year. And here are the most common challenges that our customers are facing:
  • The majority of forms require the person to enter the same information several times.
  • Internet-based applications do not have the artificial intelligence to locate mistakes and discrepancies.
  • Complicated legal terms and questions in forms that are hard to understand and require additional legal interpretation.
  • Many forms are available only in English and/or French and applications lack multilingual adaptation.

FMS is here to be a #1 solution!

FMS will automate the process so that users have to fill in the data just once. Also, FMS will guide users step by step to make sure all questions are properly understood and answered. Our application has artificial intelligence to signal out the discrepancies.

The instructions will be available in the most used languages in Canada so that anyone with limited English and French language ability can successfully complete any required form.
The FMS will allow users to print out the final form in the official format. FMS will use the API to send the data if the destination allows API requests for the online forms.
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We deliver a reliable Web App by protecting and maintaining our clients’ personal information.


We have designed a powerful Web App by utilizing the AutoFill feature in an inventive way.


We are focusing on our client’s needs and maintaining a state of being heard, supported and appreciated.

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